Session 4: Education

Education Session Overview: ICCCE-2024

Welcome to the Education Session at the 2nd International Conference on Computer, Cybernetics, and Education (ICCCE-2024) in Jakarta, Indonesia. This dedicated session serves as a hub for educators, researchers, and professionals to explore innovative approaches, share insights, and discuss the transformative role of technology in shaping the future of education.


Assessment in E-learning


Effective Learning Strategies


Virtual Learning Environments(v4)

04 :

Counselor Education

05 :

Curriculum Design

06 :

Assistive Technologies

07 :

Children’s Rights in Education

08 :


09 :

Government Educational Policy

10 :

Women in Educational

11 :

Development in Teaching Preparation

12 :

Inquiry Based Instruction

13 :

Professional Development for Teaching

14 :

Digital Literacy

15 :

Levels of Technology Implementation

16 :

Educational Foundation

17 :

Educational Research Management


Curriculum Research & Development

19 :

Counselor Education

20 :

Early Childhood Education

21 :

Comparison of Education

22 :

Different Countries World Wide

23 :

Secondary Education

24 :

Home Education

25 :

Elementary Education

26 :

Primary Education

27 :

Home Based Learning

28 :

Virtual Classroom Management

29 :

Student Stress during Pandemic

30 :Education

31 :Identifying Inequality

32 :Equity Focused Research

33 :Global Changer of Education

Key Themes:

Adaptive Learning Environments:

Overview: Explore the integration of technology to create adaptive and personalized learning environments.

Objective: Discuss how adaptive learning technologies enhance student engagement and academic success.

Innovations in Educational Technology:

Overview: Showcase groundbreaking advancements in educational technology.

Objective: Highlight the impact of emerging technologies on teaching methodologies, student learning experiences, and educational outcomes.

Teacher Professional Development in the Digital Age:

Overview: Address the evolving role of educators in the digital era and strategies for continuous professional development.

Objective: Discuss best practices for preparing and empowering educators to leverage technology effectively.

Inclusive Education and Diversity:

Overview: Explore strategies and technologies fostering inclusive education for diverse learners.

Objective: Discuss approaches that ensure education is accessible and beneficial to all students, regardless of background or ability.

Assessment and Evaluation in Education:

Overview: Examine innovative methods and technologies for assessing student performance.

Objective: Discuss the role of technology in providing real-time feedback, formative assessment, and data-driven decision-making.


The Education Session at ICCCE-2024 adopts an engaging format, featuring keynote presentations by renowned educators, research paper presentations, and interactive panel discussions. Attendees are encouraged to participate actively in Q&A sessions, fostering dialogue and knowledge exchange.


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