Session 3: Systems Engineering

Welcome to the Systems Engineering Session at the 2nd International Conference on Computer, Cybernetics, and Education (ICCCE-2024) in Jakarta, Indonesia. This dedicated session provides a platform for experts, researchers, and practitioners in the field of Systems Engineering to share insights, discuss innovations, and explore the latest advancements in addressing complex challenges across various domains.


Bio Robotic Systems


Intelligent Control Systems


Bio Mechatronics Systems

04 :

Intelligent Power Systems

05 :

Cyber Physical Cloud Systems

06 :

Logistic Informatics

07 :

Enterprise Information Systems

08 :

Gray Systems

09 :

Industrial Security Systems

10 :

Homeland Security

11 :

Medical Mechatronics

12 :

Intelligent Transportation Systems

13 :

Model Based Systems Engineering

14 :

Intelligent Green Production Systems

15 :

Intelligent Sensing

16 :

Unmanned Aerial Systems

17 :

Fault Monitoring and Diagnosis


Cooperative Systems and Control

19 :

Smart Metering

20 :

Soft Robotics

21 :

Smart Sensor Networks

22 :

Autonomous Systems

23 :

Reliability Engineering

24 :

Electric Vehicles

25 :

Discrete Event Systems

Key Themes:

Holistic System Design:

Overview: Explore the principles and practices of holistic system design, considering the entire life cycle.

Objective: Discuss methodologies that optimize overall system performance while managing costs, schedules, and risks.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration in System Development:

Overview: Emphasize the importance of collaborative efforts among experts from diverse disciplines in system development.

Objective: Showcase successful examples of interdisciplinary collaboration leading to effective and integrated system solutions.

Requirements Engineering and Management:

Overview: Delve into the critical aspects of defining, analyzing, and managing system requirements.

Objective: Highlight methodologies and tools for effective requirements engineering, ensuring alignment with stakeholder needs.

Innovations in System Modeling and Analysis:

Overview: Explore cutting-edge tools and techniques for modeling and analyzing complex system behaviors.

Objective: Showcase how advanced modeling contributes to optimizing system design and performance.

Risk Management Strategies:

Overview: Discuss proactive risk management approaches to identify, assess, and mitigate potential challenges.

Objective: Share best practices in managing risks throughout the system life cycle.


The Systems Engineering Session adopts an interactive format, incorporating keynote presentations from distinguished experts, research paper presentations, and a panel discussion featuring leaders in the field. Attendees are encouraged to actively engage in Q&A sessions to foster a collaborative atmosphere for knowledge exchange.


Mr. Jose Manuel Perez Rebellon

Vice President

Enterprise Automation Director

City National Bank of Florida

United States of America



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