Scopes & Benefits

The International Conference on Computer, Cybernetics, and Education (ICCCE-2024) provides an exceptional platform to launch your research journey in diverse fields, sparking your passion for exploration and innovation. This global event welcomes students, researchers, professionals, and industry experts to share their expertise in multidisciplinary areas under the conference theme of "unifying engineering, technology, and research seamlessly on a single stage."

This international gathering fosters connections with professionals, researchers, institutional representatives, industry leaders, experienced keynote speakers, session presenters, and like-minded individuals. You will enhance your skills and gain proficiency in research strategies and best practices, propelling your career forward.

ICCCE-2024 immerses you in multidisciplinary domains encompassing computer science, cybernetics, and education. You will engage with a vast spectrum of innovations and research papers presented by esteemed authors and scholars. This conference will guide you in envisioning your own path to groundbreaking innovation alongside IFERP.

Benefits Of Attending ICCCE - 2024

Attending the International Conference on Computer Cybernetics and Education (ICCCE) in 2024 can offer numerous advantages. Participants can:

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